About the product

  • Model: EC19T1

    Suitable for offices, kitchens, hotels, institutes, small garbage stations, railway station, waiting rooms, subways etc Attached, kept and hanged to wall Direct mist sprayer Max liquid consumption is 1kg Coverage area of ​​30m2

  • Technical Parameters:

    Voltage: 220V Power consumption: 100W
    Volume: 400x110x300mm3
    Weight: 7Kg
    Atomization efficiency; continuous spraying for 1 hour can atomize 2 liters of liquid
    Air volume: 190CFM
    Built-in vegetable liquid container capacity: 1Kg
    Proportional blending range: 1:1~ 1:1000
    Water supply: external tap water, standard 6.35mm soft water pipe joint

    Filtration: external water purification filter
    Noise: 35dB
    Fuse specification: 1A (220V)
    Detectable odor types: ammonia, sulfide, benzene vapor
    Detectable odor concentration range: 10~1000ppm
    Liquid volume detection: non-contact ultrasonic sensing
    Panel button specifications: Non-contact capacitive sensing button
    Operation parameter panel display unit: digital tube
    Network & range: WiFi with 10 meters

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